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Neurofeedback Products
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Neuro-Gen HPN EEG

Neuro-Gen HPN, High-Performance Neurofeedback, was developed by the staff at Mind-Brain Training Institute.  It is available for sale to qualified, licensed clinicians around the world, or on the order of a licensed clinician.  Three-day training workshops are held frequently in different parts of the country to help professionals to acquire the skills and understanding necessary to quickly get started.  The brain training process is highly automated, and getting started as a provider is enjoyable and very rewarding.

Mind-Brain Training Institute offers a number of professional products, for use by licensed/certified clinicians.  Please select a link below to see product details.

DavaRay NanoBeam 940

Neurofeedback Systems

Neurofeedback Clinical Accessories (please call):   (352) 729-9090





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