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Scheduled training workshops:

Neuro-Gen HPN Clinician Training Workshop
We're excited to announce a 3-day, Hands-On, Clinician Training Workshop

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Join us in on-line, or in beautiful Mount Dora, FL

Workshops are $3000 for a 3-day 1:1 in-person workshop online via teleconference, or in Mount Dora, FL.


Neuro-Gen HPN Clinician Training Workshop
  Join us to learn from the system developer in a relaxed atmosphere.   Printed Instruction and Training Manuals (course notes), and other essential course materials are provided.  The course will be delivered interactively, using PowerPoint slides as an outline.  It features a hands-on/experiential interactive component each day.  Please bring your system, if you have one, set up prior to the beginning of the course.  The Workshop will run 9:00 AM until approximately 6:00 PM each day.

Please call for a reservation.  (352) 729-9090

Day 1 – The Fundamentals
Fundamental Concepts and Perspective
•    Brief Historical Perspective
•    EEG Basics: Terms, Sources, Acquisition
•    Direct vs. Visual/Audio feedback
•    The basis for HPN brain training
•    10-20 Site Training Locations and Sequence

Introduction to the Use of HPN
•    HPN Documentation
•    Clinician interface
•    Data Collection (optional)
•    Practice with screen elements
•    Clinical demonstration
•    Developing Clinical Skills:  Interactive Practice

Day 2 – HPN Basics:  Getting Started
Introductions of Newcomers
Session Setup
•    HPN:  Basis – Review
•    Effects of HPN - Review
•    Explaining HPN to clients
•    Client Expectations and Education
•    Assessment
•    Observation
•    Under Task Training

•    Session Preparation
•    Client Interaction
•    Site Selection
•    Start-up
•    Troubleshooting

•    Practice & Observation

Day 3 – Managing the Course of HPN Training
Clinical Matters
Managing the Course of Training:
•    Assessing Fragility/Autonomic Balance/Stability
•    Restoring Autonomic Balance: The Role of IR
•    Protocol Variables
•    Client Differences
•    Client Observation
•    Response to Training
•    Waveforms and Client Safety

•    Interactive, hands-on training
•    Working under trainer observation

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Call Mind-Brain Training Institute at (352) 729-9090 now to reserve a spot.

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